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About Us

LifeWell Hills is a faith-based service centre of Mount Barker Baptist Church which aims to help people live life well through access to high quality care and recovery services for the whole Person (Emotional, Physical, Spiritual realms) delivered on an individual or small group model.

Through an integrated service approach, LifeWell enables people to draw deeply from a refreshing Well of Living Water, and to move on in recovery to Live Life Well.

This action of seeking to bring wholeness to people – emotional, physical, spiritual – represents a high, holy, and biblical goal.

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Our Services


LifeWell Counselling is an ethical and professional service which is part of the LifeWell approach to holistic care and is available for individuals, couples, families and children.


LifeWell Massage is an ethical and professional service which is part of the LifeWell approach to holistic care. 


LifeWell Central provides a range of courses that have been desigined to meet the needs of people searching for wholeness.

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Our Practitioners

Wendy Kruger


BASS (Couns); Dip Prof Couns

Member Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA)

Wendy is a graduate of Tabor Adelaide, where she completed her Counselling Degree. She is also a Chaplain with Disaster and Recovery Ministries http://sa.uca.org.au/disaster-and-recovery-ministries. During her degree, Wendy spent 3 months in Mary Potter Hospice counselling patients and their families in the palliative care setting.

In addition, Wendy has more than 10 years’ experience as a Family Support Worker, and can empower parents to grow in a greater understanding of their children, leading to a more enjoyable relationship.

Wendy’s areas of interest and expertise include, but are not limited to, counselling in pre-bereavement, bereavement, grief and loss, anxiety and depression, and parenting support.


  • $70 per hour session

Ian Richards

Counsellor & Mediator

BA Couns, MA Mediation, FDRP, MRI, MPACFA

Ian is a Counsellor and Mediator who delivers a tailored and compassionate approach to every one of his unique clients. He loves being in the presence of creation and has recently taken up sky diving as a hobby.

Ian is an academic teacher, professional counsellor, clinical supervisor, and national accredited mediator who has been working in the field of counselling, teaching, and team developing since the late 90’s. His expertise has helped many people and groups develop new ideas, skills, and achieve common goals.

Ian is a full member of the Resolution Institute, an NMAS Nationally Accredited Mediator, registered as a FDRP with the Federal Attorney General’s Department, a Referred Mediator for the Supreme Court, and a Clinical Member of PACFA.

Some of Ian’s areas of expertise are:

  • Family Mediation
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Family Law and Court Matters
  • Personal Development
  • Parenting Plans
  • Property Settlement


  • Counselling - $89 per hour
  • Mediation - $99 per hour per person

Contact: 0402 125 806

Marg Westphal


BASS (Couns)
Member Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA)

Marg is well qualified for her role as a counsellor, including rural and remote regions. She has also spent many years living on rural farming properties, including the griefs, losses and lessons learnt that come with bushfires, family mental illnesses and isolation. In addition, she raised three daughters, and for many years managed the financial and care needs of her aged parents until their passing. In her childhood years, Marg lived in Eastern Africa in both large cities and remote villages, experiencing first-hand the realities of civil war.

In addition to her Bachelor of counselling, she has also studied Anthropology, Child Mental Health and was Coordinator for Disaster and Recovery Ministries in her region. She is also a qualified Home Tutor aiding immigrants in learning English as a second language, as well as assisting their assimilation into Australian culture and workplace. Marg works in the areas of but not limited to, grief and loss, anxiety and depression, child/parent support and relationship counselling.

Her practical experience includes many years of leadership in working with children, mentoring teenagers at risk, and providing pastoral care and leadership in Christian communities. Marg’s life experiences, training and natural empathy equip her to journey with others seeking better outcomes in life.


  • Standard Session (60 minutes) – $75
  • Extended Session (90 minutes) – $100
  • Tune Up Session (30 minutes) – $50

Sharyn Harding

Clinical Nutritionist

BHSc (Nutritional Medicine); Registered member of the Australian
Natural Therapists Association (ANTA)

Sharyn takes a holistic approach in the prevention and management of all acute and chronic health conditions. She has a passion for helping people achieve optimal outcomes for their health and well-being and uses dietary, lifestyle and nutritional interventions to address a wide range of complex health problems (including autoimmune conditions, gastrointestinal issues, stress/fatigue, mood disorders, reproductive issues, allergies etc)

An initial consultation (90 minutes) includes a comprehensive assessment of your diet, lifestyle and family history and how these may be impacting your health and well-being. This assessment also takes into consideration current diagnoses, test results and medications. This is all incorporated into an individualised and evidence-based treatment plan which may include dietary, lifestyle and nutritional supplementation recommendations. Private pathology testing is also available. Follow-up appointments (60 minutes) are made according to an individual’s need.

If you would like support with any health issue, book an appointment with Sharyn today and start on your journey to improved health and wellness.

Mobile: 0404 432 850


  • Initial (90 min) - $125
  • Follow-up (60 min) - $95
  • Fees include a detailed treatment plan which is prepared and emailed to you, post-appointment.

Di Shearer

Spiritual Director

Di Shearer is a spiritual director in the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu with two decades of experience. She holds a Doctor of Ministry (ACD, 2014) and an MA (Theology) Spirituality and Pastoral Care (ACU, 2008). She worked in theological education with the Overseas Missionary Fellowship in Malaysia during the 1970s, then taught and researched in areas relating to intercultural personhood from 1982-2004 completing a Ph D (Griffith, 2004) in this field. Di is a member of the Stillpoint Faith Community, and serves in preaching and spiritual formation within Uniting, Baptist and Anglican churches. Di’s passion is for the unitive wisdom which ancient and contemporary mystical traditions bring to us.

More to come

LifeWell is continually looking for resources and courses that allow people to "Live Life Well".

Coming soon:

  • Family Therapist
  • Financial Counselling

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Coordinator: Leigh Philp
Address: 13 Victoria Rd, Mount Barker, South Australia 5251


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